Do you get the most out of your IT investment? When accounting for the amount of time spent making IT related decisions (purchases, strategy), hardware, licensing, maintenance and repair costs and admin, it all adds up. What if there were a way to get a better return on your IT investment? A way that would give you the ability to provide better service to your clients, more flexibility to you and your employees, and better business continuity while reducing IT admin, decision making and your overall risk.

Hosted Desktop(DAAS)

We know that IT decisions are not made lightly. And the prospect of moving to the Cloud, especially with a new provider, makes it even more difficult. We understand this so have a number of trial and Proof of Concept options and flexible terms available in order to give you a chance to evaluate what working with us looks like. Interested in learning more about hosted desktop options? Give us a call or click the Contact Us button in the top right of your screen.

How IT Works

Hosted desktops move the back end infrastructure, your data, line of business applications (payroll, CRM, accounting etc.) and email to secure Tier 3 data centres located in the UK. All of this is then delivered back to you through a simple, secure web login accessible from a wide range of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, Macs or smartphones.

The Impact on Your Business

This means that your business is now running from enterprise grade hardware in highly secure locations. All of your data, files and applications can now be accessed by employees from wherever they are, on whatever device they choose, allowing you to make new decisions about how your people work and how your business operates.


What makes us different from other cloud solutions out there?

  • We own, operate and manage the cloud platform. Many other providers use a 3rd party platform which limits the amount of control they have.
  • A complete, secure solution is made up of more than just a cloud platform. There are numerous elements to creating a business ready solution and we don’t try to do it all ourselves. While we own the primary platform, we use industry leading providers for some of the individual services providing you with peace of mind that you can always have access to your data and email independent from our platform.
  • All of the data centres we use are located in the EU. This applies to our cloud platform as well as the 3rd party services mentioned above. Many cloud providers these days assume you don’t care about where your data goes. We know that businesses in Europe want, or need, their data to remain in Europe for compliance or regulatory reasons.
  • Our business runs on the same cloud platform as our clients. The first business to go onto our cloud platform was ours.
  • Certified to the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice. The Cloud Industry Forum is the only entity we are aware of that promotes transparency and trust in the delivery of cloud services. Their voluntary code of practice ensures that cloud solution providers such as ourselves are held to an independent standard by being transparent, ensuring we are clear about our capabilities and holding ourselves accountable for the services we deliver.

Our hosted desktop solution has helped numerous clients over the years. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what they are saying about us in these short videos;