Applications are critical to business. Many use ones that are specific to their industry and needs. The big CRM and accounting applications have been re-created into SAAS (software as a service) versions meaning they can be accessed via a web browser. This brings a number of benefits for that particular application including mobility and flexibility. But what about all those applications you use that are not available as SAAS from the vendor?


These applications don’t have to be left behind. By combining the power of cloud with the right technology these business applications can be made available on any device. The applications retain all of their functionality but now become more mobile and easier to provision and update, since everything is based on one version rather than one version per user.

For 3D applications, there is no longer a need to have powerful devices for each user. Since the application runs on hardware in the data centre, it becomes easier to provide the appropriate computing resources to virtual machines in the cloud which can deliver the application to a wide range of end user devices. This creates a significant opportunity for industries using demanding applications, such as 3D, to save money on user devices while increasing their ability to be productive.

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