If technology is not your speciality, the time and cost of keeping your email running efficiently adds up quickly. Virtualisation technologies allow us to create economies of scale giving our clients access to enterprise grade hardware and services which traditionally would have been out of reach. Because of the higher quality and configuration of our email solutions, they are more suited for the security, compliance and continuity requirements of business.


For compliance and business continuity needs, all of your incoming and outgoing messages are archived and stored on a 3rd party platform across multiple data centres in the EU.

Sophisticated spam detection:

An important part of an email security solution is accurate spam detection. We block spam in the cloud through a robust combination of methodologies for message analysis. The service blocks spam, viruses and other email-borne threats before they reach the customer network - including emerging threats.

It uses real-time message source analysis to dynamically evaluate sending servers which works in conjunction with multiple signature-based and pattern recognition technologies to accurately analyse email.

Virus and Threat detection

Our email solution includes a unique, powerful combination of defenses including virtualization-based malware detection technology, and zero-hour pattern-based antivirus defense. These block email-borne malware – including fast-moving, emerging threats – faster than traditional signature-based systems and dramatically reduce risks for customers.

Email is the most commonly used method of delivering malware attacks. We can block inbound messages based on designated attachment types, in accordance with policies you control. When combined with MAX MailProtection’s four anti-virus engines, attachment blocking provides strong protection against email-borne threats.

30 Year Archive (optional)

Our email solution with optional archive feature, ensures compliance with a wide variety of industry and government regulations by retaining inbound, outbound, and internal email communications in a secure, tamperproof, read-only archive. Retention policies are customisable to allow for message storage for an appropriate duration, while audit-trail functionality enables users to prove that they’ve complied with applicable regulations. All helping to make sure that everyone’s covered in the event of any dispute.

EU Data Centres

With hosted email, your email is no longer stored on a local server so it is important to understand where email is routed and stored. For compliance, EU data protection or personal preference many of our clients prefer to know where their (and their client’s) information is going. Our primary hosted email platform is located in a Tier 3 data centre located in the UK. The core platform infrastructure is replicated to a second data centre also located in the UK. In addition to this, for email security, continuity and archiving purposes, we partner with a 3rd party who specialises in these services. All of their data centres are located in the EU.


Even though our hosted email solution is designed to be always available we provide our clients with access to a robust email continuity solution. Users can log into a third party portal where they can access and respond to their emails. This portal also allows clients to manage spam and archive settings.

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