Not only do hosted servers (also known as virtual machines, or virtual servers) deliver stable, fast and secure performance, they also provide the flexibility to meet individual business needs. A dedicated virtual server can effectively broaden business collaboration by allowing multiple employees to simultaneously access the same projects and review critical updates in real time. With a highly available network, hosted servers can be accessed from any location across a variety of devices, improving productivity and efficiency.


One of the great benefits of hosted servers is that they are easy to modify and customise according to your specific business needs. Servers can be scaled up or scaled down with pliable capacity that allows us to easily select, remove and update the servers you require, to match your changing needs. If you have a temporary or seasonal need to add more users, your environment can grow to provide extra capacity, then scaled back when needed.

Virtual machines are stored in our Tier 3 data centre located in the UK with core infrastructure (which is the engine of our cloud platform) replicated to a 2nd data centre, also in the UK. For DR needs we can also replicate client’s virtual servers to a secondary data centre to meet any DR needs.

Because we only use enterprise grade hardware, usually out of the financial reach of many SMEs, which have built in resilience and 24/7 monitoring, our platform servers are essentially exempt from hardware failures, providing you with the peace of mind that your files, data and resources can continue to function in the event of a disruption.

Not only are Cloud servers easily and quickly deployed, we can also take care of your ongoing virtual server maintenance, including updates and security patching, freeing up your time for critical tasks. Our cost-effective pay-as-you-go model means that you only have to pay for the servers that you use, removing the need for capital expenditure.

Regardless of whether you run File, CRM, ERP or SQL based systems, we can host all of your apps and data on dedicated virtual servers and fully integrate them into your environment whether that be in the Cloud or a mix of on-premise and Cloud deployments (known as a hybrid model). To minimise risk we can set up a trial or Proof of Concept giving you a chance to try our solution with very little commitment.

We have been successfully delivering hosted services to clients in numerous sectors for many years now. Below you can hear from some our clients in their own words what moving to hosted solutions has meant for them.