The capability of your IT systems, particularly application functionality, response times and the capacity and computer power available to store, locate, process, and exploit the data available to you, limits the scope of your own capabilities, ambitions and growth. Sub-optimal IT impacts all organisations negatively and your IT is now likely to be holding you back, limiting your success.

The worst part is not knowing what you’re missing out on. Not knowing how much more efficient you could be. Not knowing how much more money you could be making and time you could be saving.

We know that IT decisions are not made lightly. And the prospect of moving to a new provider, makes it even more difficult. We understand this, so have created flexible term options in order to give you a chance to evaluate what working with us looks like.

Let us show you how to get the most out of your IT investment both now and into the future.


Outgrown your current provider or not satisfied with their service? Want access to a bigger team of experts? Feel uncomfortable leaving all your IT capabilities in the hands of one or two people who may leave you one day? Perhaps it’s time to outsource your IT needs?

You’re an expert in your field. But the more you try to look after the non-core aspects of your business such as managing IT, the more you’ll spread yourself too thinly and your business will suffer. You are much better off concentrating on what you do best.

And let us look after your IT

Benefits include:

  • Industry leading levels of reliability and availability through expert Network & Server Care
  • Predictable, value for money IT solutions that provide positive contribution to your bottom line performance
  • Flexible terms, minimise risk and give us a chance to prove ourselves to you.
  • 24/7 service availability and support to ensure that your systems never fail
  • Military strength data backup and disaster recovery options to guarantee that you never lose your data, always protecting your business and your clients and remaining compliant with legislative requirements
  • Dedicated IT Strategists provide business & technology advice to ensure that your business stays ahead of the game and maximises ROI from IT spend
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All businesses need someone who understands how the business operates and how to apply Information Technology to optimise performance and achieve strategic goals. This is where we come in. We can become your virtual IT Strategy Consultant. First we immerse ourselves in your business in terms of needs and goals.

Benefits include:

  • Optimising your IT strategy with a specialist with 20+ years experience.
  • Near immediate and continuous improvement to business performance
  • Cost effective IT expertise to guide your business without the cost of employing high cost experts yourself


Without an effective contingency plan you cannot guarantee that your business will survive adversity. From natural disasters, to loss of data or key staff members, there are any number of unpredictable variables that you should plan against. Cloud Hosting, Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions can help your business prepare for the unexpected, without incurring undue cost overheads. As one of our clients, all of your data files are securely backed up to a 3rd party platform, with only new or altered files backed up after the initial full backup, significantly reducing storage costs and admin time.

Benefits include:

  • Complete protection of your data against intrusion using optional personal encryption codes
  • Absolute guarantees of data integrity and retrievability
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Rapid recovery after data loss to minimise down time
  • Massive scalability to manage even very large data volumes
  • Availability maximised through protection against local hardware failures


There are many factors to consider when you refresh your IT systems, e.g. costs, project management tools, future proofing, timely trouble free installation, migration and commissioning without disruption to the operation of the business.

Allow us to proactively manage each step of the process and keep you fully involved and informed along the way and your business will be more successful as a result

Benefits include:

  • Cost effective optimum solution for your business
  • Timely, trouble free implementation with no negative business impact
  • Reliable, secure resilient systems
  • Bottom line performance improvement
  • Longevity and expandability to support future growth

Contact us today for a review of your specific business goals and current IT structures. We will offer our honest advice and recommendations.