Employees want to get work done using the applications already familiar to them. But if your business does not allow that, they will find a work-around using consumer grade services, not designed with your security or compliance needs in mind.


Giving them access to the applications and files they need when they are outside the office does not mean you need to sacrifice security. XenMobile from Citrix allows delivery of any mobile, Windows, SAAS or web app to any smartphone or tablet. It also provides the most comprehensive collection of business productivity apps with secure email, browser and file sharing, editing and sync.

In addition to making all of this available securely, controlling mobile devices is also an important consideration. Not only can company data stored on mobile devices be encrypted at the application level, the remote lock and wipe capability gives complete control of sensitive data on mobile devices. We can restrict jailbroken devices from accessing your network or restrict people from running corporate apps on public wifi. Data in transit is secured through a secure micro app VPN.

Employee mobility, bring your own device initiatives (BYOD) and the increasing trend of employee flexibility is putting pressure on business to find the right solution that allows them to get their jobs done effectively while maintaining control of data and devices. XenMobile delivers.

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