Hosted PBX with Horizon

Our feature rich PBX offering puts an emphasis on control and administration through the web that takes the burden away from your team. Administrators can quickly configure the system according to your changing requirements, whilst employees can manage calls easily and effectively through additional services such as desktop and mobile client software.


With only a minimal capital outlay required or additional price support through lease agreements, Horizon is suitable for any sized business looking to improve their productivity and image, or take a step into the many benefits of Hosted and Cloud Telephony.

There are many features and benefits to the Horizon solution offered by On Line Computing. Below are a few of the more popular features.

  • Fraud management is included in the service to minimise the risk of fraudulent calls to premium numbers
  • It is an ideal solution for office moves, managing several offices, remote workers and hot-desking
  • Presence detection to see when your colleagues are available
  • Options for call recording
  • Redirect calls to mobiles or other numbers for Business Continuity
  • 4,000 bundled minutes per number each month included
  • Admin and end user portal

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Receptionist Console

To complement the Horizon web interface a dedicated receptionist console is available to manage incoming calls over a single or multiple sites.

This console provides the ability to:

  • Monitor incoming calls to key numbers over all Horizon sites
  • Monitor fixed (200) or dynamic (800) users over all Horizon sites
  • Monitor call queues and adjust priority of callers within these queues
  • Add notes to contacts to show related information such as annual leave
  • Establish and manage conference calls in the site

The receptionist console is provided when this additional bolt on is provisioned and uses the chosen receptionist user subscription therefore does not incur additional subscription costs over and above the cost of the console bolt on.

Premium Handsets

Horizon is provided using Polycom handsets, providing high standards of interoperability and features from a manufacturer you know and trust.

We are currently offering free Polycom handsets when taking associated broadband service as well.

Horizon Web Portal and Clients

Horizon’s web portal has been specifically designed by Gamma’s in house development teams to provide a positive and intuitive user experience when making and receiving calls, configuring the service and monitoring performance. Through the web portal a wide range of features can be configured and managed either at a company, site (location), or individual user level giving full and easy control of an entire telephony environment, even over multiple sites.

A number of mobile and desktop clients extend key functionality to the user’s desktop and mobile phone and provide advanced features such as messaging, presence, CRM integration and, specifically for mobile clients, the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere.


Within the Horizon product we offer one subscription type called Premium. Unlike other hosted offerings we don’t break down each component of a customer’s phone system and charge you for each item, but instead provide you a single subscription per user which covers all requirements from Call Forwarding to Call Recording.

Desktop Softphone

This desktop client allows user to make and receive calls from their PC (using an appropriate headset), as well as quickly accessing key settings for their Horizon service. This is an ideal bolt-on for users who often work remotely; work from different locations where it is not practical to install a handset or who are regularly on the move with access to Wi-Fi (e.g. hotel stays).

Smartphone App - Android

The Smartphone app allows a user to make and receive calls on a mobile device, as well as accessing key settings for their service. It provides all the same functionality as the desktop client above, with the exception of Click to Call and Group Chat. This is an ideal bolt-on for users who often work remotely or who are regularly on the move with access to Wi-Fi (e.g. hotel stays).

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