Store, Share, Sync and Secure data on any device, anywhere.

Sharefile from Citrix is the leading solution for companies that need a simple and secure way to synchronise data across devices and share it with people inside and outside the business. Email sensitive documents securely. Get notified when a prospect downloads a proposal or limit the time when a document can be downloaded. Generate insights and learnings from full audit trail and reporting.


Device sync

Users can sync their files across all their devices, including PCs, Mac, tablets, and mobile phones. IT can limit access to the Sync feature for specific users, typically those with managed or corporate devices. The sync tool automatically updates to incorporate the newest capabilities available.

End user and IT reporting

Users can receive reports on file sharing activity within their workspaces. ShareFile provides comprehensive capabilities to track, log and report on user file access, sync and sharing activity, including the date, type, place, and network address of each user event. IT can also enable tracking through workflow tools such as the Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. Multiple versions of files can be stored to create full audit trails of editing activity. If a remote wipe is initiated, IT can track file activity that occurred on the device from the time the wipe was initiated through its successful execution, and receive a notification indicating whether the wipe was successful. Users, Managers and IT can also create custom reports on account usage and access.

Access & control policies

User access can be custom configured to include limited download-only access or in addition to download they can be granted a combination of upload/edit/delete and admin access to folders. Options to a) request a log-in with defined password complexity for each user account, b) restrict the number of downloads available to a given user, c) restrict upload and download permissions for users added to team folders, and d) expire links to files whenever desired, are also available. Management can restrict access, based on network location, blacklist/whitelist email domains to control data sharing and limit access to the sync feature for specific users, typically those with managed or corporate devices.

Device security

Remote wipe

This feature allows both users and IT to wipe all ShareFile stored data and passwords on mobile devices (but not laptops or pc’s) in case of loss or theft. Alternatively, IT can lock the device to restrict its use for a limited time.

Poison Pill

The Poison Pill feature enables IT to prescribe data expiration policies for mobile devices and activate audit controls to track user logging activity. This feature is available in the ShareFile apps for Apple® iOS® and Android® tablets.

Restrict modified devices

IT can restrict the use of modified or jailbroken devices.

Restrict 3rd party apps

ShareFile allows IT to restrict the use of third-party apps that can store copies of sensitive business information, while providing built-in capabilities like a mobile content editor as a secure alternative.

Passcode lock

IT can require users to enter a passcode (short PIN or user specified characters or user password) every time the user wants to access their ShareFile account on a mobile device. This makes it easy for users to access their data while ensuring unauthorised access is denied.

Data security

Storage and in-transit encryption

Files are transferred through ShareFile over a secure SSL/TLS connection and are stored at rest with AES 256-bit encryption.

Mobile device encryption

Through the Passcode Lock feature, IT can leverage the mobile device’s encryption capabilities and enforce encryption for all ShareFile data on the device.


The data centres that host the Citrix ShareFile web application and databases are SSAE 16 accredited. We implement and maintain commercially reasonable and appropriate physical, technical and organisational complimentary controls to protect customer data.

Optimised for mobile workstyles

Support for mobile phones and tablets

ShareFile enables users’ mobile workstyles by providing access to critical data on a variety of mobile devices. Support for Apple® iPhone®, Android, and Windows® 8 phones and iPad and Android tablets is available through ShareFile apps specifically designed to provide a brilliant and intuitive experience on these devices. A mobile-optimised ShareFile website is available as well. Users can retain folder and sub folder structure on mobile devices with the ability to mark entire folders in addition to individual files for offline access on mobile devices.

Built-in mobile content editor

Users can create, review and edit Microsoft Office documents within the ShareFile app. Users can also annotate Adobe PDF files and leverage all editing and annotation capabilities even when offline. IT can restrict the use of third-party content editors preventing employees from storing copies of sensitive data within those apps.

Offline access

Save files locally on mobile devices for offline access and editing.

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