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There are several good reasons to adopt a hosted PBX service sooner rather than later. Here are five good reasons why a Cloud-based switchboard provides your business with a competitive advantage over your rivals.

1. Reduced cost

The headline benefit of a hosted PBX has to be cost – using the power of the Cloud to route telephone calls is significantly cheaper than a traditional on-site exchange:

  •         There is no need to buy or lease a physical PBX, nor to pay for installation and maintenance.
  •         You only pay for the extensions you use.
  •         A hosted PBX system runs over standard ADSL or leased line internet connections which tend to be much cheaper than ISDN lines.
  •         Because calls are routed over the internet, they are completely free when employees are calling each other at different sites.
  •         Maintenance and upgrades of the system are included in your subscription costs.

And if your business has an existing on-site PBX, migrating to a Cloud equivalent will deliver even greater cost savings.

2. Future-proof

Traditional PBX systems are heavily reliant on costly ISDN lines to carry calls. Not only is this technology more expensive than ADSL broadband, it is also much older and potentially less efficient.

A hosted PBX system can be accessed over any broadband connection. Adding bandwidth capacity is as simple as ordering a new low-cost DSL line. And because Ethernet and IP technologies are here to stay, your system is entirely future-proof.

3. Your extension, available anywhere

By routing calls over the internet, it is possible to access your hosted PBX using virtually any device. This means that the VoIP handset on your desk can be plugged into any internet-connected Ethernet network, and incoming calls will be routed to it automatically. So if you need to work from home one afternoon, you can stay in the loop just by taking your phone home.

Most hosted PBX platforms also support connections from smartphones, using a calling app. Even if you are out on the road, you can still make and receive calls via the company switchboard.

This “access anywhere” telecoms technology allows you to build a distributed workforce – or to better communicate with your team. And with improved communications, your team will be more effective.

4. Not your problem

Outsourcing your telephone switchboard allows you to delegate responsibility for its operation to the hosted PBX service provider. They are responsible for every aspect – and costs – including, hardware upgrades, installation, maintenance and support.

The hosted PBX gives you all the benefits of an enterprise-grade switchboard, but without any of the costs and overheads associated with running it.

5. Scales up and down

Your business will undergo periods of expansion and contraction and a hosted PBX can scale with it. With just a few mouse clicks you can add or remove new phone extensions, allowing you to adjust operations very quickly. Best of all, this ability to add and remove extensions whenever required ensures you never pay for unused capacity – you always have exactly what you need, when you need it.

Time to get started

Moving to a hosted PBX system (or signing up for the first time) is incredibly easy. You could be up-and-running in a matter of days. Which means that you could be establishing your competitive advantage by the end of the week.!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call now to get started.

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