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Okay, let’s get down to the essentials. There are million and one benefits of cloud computing and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions when it comes to productivity, security, compliance, hiring, flexibility. collaboration and adding value for your clients. But how precisely do they relate to you

Let’s take a look at the seven biggest benefits of DaaS for UK accountants.

1. You Can Work From Anywhere

Fed up of being chained to your desk? Switching to a DaaS solution means you can access all of your documents and applications wherever you need to be. Access files on the fly, zip through your emails, even collaborate on projects – anything you would usually do in the office, you can now do at home, at a client’s HQ or on the move. And you can do it with a better level of security protecting your data when you do.

2. It Makes a Great Impression On Clients

Because it’s consistent across all devices, using a desktop-as-a-service gives you a slick, professional sheen. Need to go through show a PowerPoint presentation to a client? You can do it seamlessly on a tablet. Want to call up some important documents mid-meeting? You can do it rapidly on your laptop or phone without scrolling through attachments or worrying about whether it will open on this computer or display properly in a different edition of Microsoft Office. Smooth.

3. Longer Cycles Between Hardware Replacements

One of the major financial benefits of cloud computing for accountants is that your infrastructure requirements plummet overnight. Your data is all securely stored on your provider’s servers, meaning you no longer have to invest in buying or maintaining costly traditional servers yourself.  Great for your bottom line.  And how much time have you spent over the years making IT decisions?  Let the provider worry about that and get that time back to focus on your business.

4. More Time and Energy to Focus On Your Business

How much time do you think you waste on tiny, mundane things like emailing the latest version of documents back and forward and then trying to reconcile everyone’s edits? How much time do you waste on your commute when you could be doing productive work? These ten minutes here, an hour there – they add up. Streamlining the way you work cuts down your overall workload, leaving you free to focus on the things that are most important.

5. Peace of Mind During Natural Disasters

What would happen if your office was hit by a flood or fire tomorrow? Would you lose everything? Or, if you are smart about backing up offsite, would you lose days or weeks restoring everything before you get back to work? Using a DaaS set-up means nothing is kept locally – if the worst did happen, you’d have uninterrupted access to your data, files and business apps.

6. You Free Up Your IT Team

… And it’s not just your actual data that’s shifted safely offsite. So is the responsibility for managing your day-to-day IT. Find a top cloud provider who knows their stuff and you’ll have dedicated experts dealing with your security, IT infrastructure and data hosting, giving you plenty of relief from time-consuming IT management. In fact, this can be particular benefit of DaaS UK accountants: the best cloud service providers will keep your data stored exclusively within the EU and are experts on compliance issues, lightening the load on that front, too.

7. It’s Much, Much Easier to Move

Want to grow your business but dread the idea of moving office? By hosting all your business assets on a DaaS platform, you cut out half the clutter in your office – not just physical IT infrastructure, but file cabinets and paperwork. That means you can much more easily open or move to a new location at a fraction of the cost. Nothing to hamper your growth! 

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