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How’s your week been? Busy?

No surprise there. Hours worked in the legal sector are among the most intense of any profession -and everyone knows a bright, promising colleague that burned out too young

Ask a lawyer about their work-life balance and you often get a bemused expression. But the frustrating thing is, when you add up the pockets of “dead time” in your day, I bet you’d find more space in your schedule than you realise.

If you found a way to cut this waste and use your time more efficiently, you might find that the “work-life balance” is more than just a myth.

Let’s start by looking at the most common offender: commuting time.

Today’s Tube strike caused chaos all over the city. Those who eventually made it into the office are still playing catch up. Even when the trains are back up and running, spending an hour or two commuting certainly feels like a frustrating waste of time when you have a massive pile of work on your desk at the other end. And do you dread the disruption of schlepping over to clients’ offices, knowing you’ll have to burn the midnight oil when you get back to HQ?

Here’s a good way to make this time worthwhile: take your office with you.

No, really.

Switching to mobile workspaces means your entire desktop – everything you need to do your job – is hosted on the cloud, accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can seamlessly open, work on and save your documents into the same folders from wherever you happen to be, collaborating with colleagues as easily as if you were actually in the office.

It also takes a huge amount of stress out of meeting preparation.

Ever felt your blood turn to ice as you realise, en route to a meeting, that you’ve forgotten a vital document?

While you should obviously prepare thoroughly for important presentations and negotiations, mobile workspaces grant the occasional oversight with a far more generous margin of error.

Whereas, usually, you have to copy across all the latest versions of all the relevant documents to your laptop before you set off, access to your cloud-hosted mobile workspace means that you have all of this at your fingertips.

Plus, if the team back in the office needs to amend a document or make a last minute change to your PowerPoint deck, they can – without having to frantically brief you on a call to your mobile.

So much more civilised – and so much less stressful – wouldn’t you say?

And then there’s that other bugbear: waiting around in the office for an email to come through, green-lighting your next step. You’re not really doing anything that can’t be done tomorrow, but you can’t go home in case your client/colleague/boss springs something on you at the 11th hour.

Sound familiar?

Here, mobile workspaces can save the day.

By keeping you in the loop and connected to all the documents and software you need to perform a last minute task, you have the freedom to take off at a far more reasonable hour.

It means you can actually make it to that dinner, or get home in time to read the kids their bedtime story. As long as you keep an eye on your phone, if something urgent rolls in late at night you can swiftly handle it from wherever you are.

Plus, using a simple, self-service web portal, you can track billable hours and keep on top of the work you’ve done, even when it’s offsite.

Whereas piecemeal Software-as-a-Service applications (SaaS) require multiple sign-ins and can struggle to talk to one another, mobile desktops (Desktops-as-a-Service, or DaaS) streamline the experience by allowing you to deal with just one provider and point of contact. Top-end Citrix-powered DaaS comes fully set up and ready to use, with high-powered, intuitive interfaces that mimic PC desktops, but often perform faster.

All-in-all, they’re designed to make the transition as smooth as possible, while making you more productive than ever.

So here’s a question you might not have heard for a while: what are you up to after work tonight?

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