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We offer advice and guidance to ensure you receive optimal performance from your information technology.

Technology is constantly changing and as do the requirements that are driven by your staff, business and customers. New tools and systems can help with streamlining business processes and productivity. Our role is to help you navigate through the array of options that are available and consider positive change for your business. We help with budgeting and planning, help you to choose the right time to introduce new technology. Investment in technology is large and cyclical and you have to ensure that your choices will see out the investment and deliver the desired return.


The roadmap is a key part of the plan and suggests steps that you can take to introduce new technology and also keep existing technology up to date. We will work with your business planning cycles and budget process aligning your development with technology.


Good documentation is critical to the ongoing operation of IT infrastructure. Keeping a detailed record of all components, configurations and any changes is a key part of providing great support. IT Glue is used to securely store information relevant to your IT. Access is available to all stakeholders.


We will come and see you regularly to make sure that you are receiving the service that you expect. It is also a chance for us to catch up with your business plans and progress. Discussions will centre around the reporting that comes from the monitoring and ticketing systems.


Businesses do not like expenditure surprises in the middle of a budget cycle. We will work with you to make sure that you are planning for all technology costs including any improvements and new systems. This works hand-in-hand with the Technology Roadmap.


Every business has to comply with policies, regulations and statutes. Many of these will be generic and apply to all organisations and some will be sector specific. There are also policies that are self-imposed as part of a business accreditation. We will provide advice on how these can be managed with IT.

Problem Solving

IT can help solve problems as well as create them. Our engineers will happily engage with you to consider challenges that you are facing and look at ways of helping you overcome them. This may involve an application or a configuration change. Their role is to help you.

Client Dashboards

The monitoring and analysis tools all have real time dashboards that are monitored by our Network Operations Centre (NOC). These tools are available for the clients to access, either periodically or to have their own dashboards displayed in their offices.

Friendly engineers

Our clients get to know and trust our engineers. They are friendly and approachable and do their upmost to help. It is reassuring to know the engineer that you are talking to either on a remote support call or when they visit your offices.