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Everyone loves saving money, right?

So if you could give your clients a simple, effective way to boost their bottom line, at no cost to yourself, would you do it?

Well, if you care about adding value to your offering, strengthening customer loyalties and ultimately growing your business, then I’m guessing the answer is a resounding yes.

Not least because, if you’re a smart, ambitious, forward-looking firm, you might even spot ways to carve out new revenue streams in the process.

And because, as we all know, in our hypercompetitive digital world, the potential of a businesses to grow (or to fail) comes down to reputation, time and again.

These days, everyone wants a second opinion and customers are more vocal about reviewing and sharing their experiences than ever before – especially if they’ve been negative. You can’t risk letting anyone down, and you need to be looking for new ways all the time to stay ahead of the curve.

All this means that it’s no longer just word of mouth that you have to cultivate. Nowadays, it’s word of mouse

So how do you go about generating those much-coveted quality referrals, recommendations and reviews?

Here’s our take: you have to live and breathe best business practices in your firm.
And, once you’ve modelled it yourself, you let your customers in on the secrets so that they can benefit, too.

This means embracing the power of cutting edge (but budget-friendly) technology, working with a trusted partner that can offer quality support and aftercare, in order to keep things ticking over smoothly while you focus on providing top-notch service to clients.

It means implementing rock-solid security and backups, and making sure you’re fully compliant with industry regulations and recommendations, and that you’re protected against hacks, leaks and other scandals (or lawsuits) that could harm the reputation of your business.

It means using tools like Citrix ShareFile to enhance communication and collaboration between your team members and your clients, while maintaining ultimate control over who can access data, and how.

It means developing a unified communications strategy that “follows” you across locations and devices, ensuring you’re contactable on the same phone number, email address or video conferencing tools wherever you’re working – and making it possible to share your screen to walk clients through key information when required.

It means bringing together all the strands of your business into a coherent, manageable process, allowing you to get work down faster, keep data safe, be transparent about your pricing and provide top-quality support to your clients.

And it means finding ways to do all of this that actually alleviate the pressure on your cashflow, allowing you to switching from large capital expenses and burdensome in-house infrastructure to scalable monthly subscriptions – making you agile, responsive, and better placed to grow.

In short: it means moving to the cloud – and showing the benefits of cloud services to your clients, too.

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