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You know all too well the challenges that the 21st century brings you and your firm. Technology was meant to make things easier, faster and send your productivity rates sky-rocketing. Yet instead you find yourself chained to your desk, stuck in your office 365 days of the year.

So how can cloud services help? What are the benefits? Is it just another hyped up piece of tech or can it actually make a serious difference to your firm?

Short answer; it really can…Cloud services are not about signing up to the latest piece of technology off the digital conveyor belt and hoping it will somehow cure all your problems.

It’s a tool that will help you inspire confidence in your clients, attract new ones, and maintain your piece of mind about the security of your business.

Use it as the foundation for your digital marketing strategies and it will help support you in improving client engagement and retention rates.

Read on to discover more about how you can rise to contemporary business challenges through your office in the cloud.

Re-invent the business model and compete with established players

When you’re operating a smaller firm, you feel all the pressures of its daily activities much more acutely.

No cosy 9 to 5 schedule. Less staff to take care of the tedious mountain of copying files, depositions and motions. When it seems like time is slipping away less effectively than ever, how can you hope to compete against the bigger players?

The great advantage of business cloud services is that, used well, they can really transform your business practice from playing a sloppy game of catch up, to becoming a lean, mean responsive machine.

Manage your growth by tapping into what you need, when you need it, without the risk of overspending unnecessarily.

You no longer need to predict what may be coming and invest in hope, but can simply add on the tools and resources you require. Need faster collaboration to share information with other attorneys? Want to monitor your latest promotional campaign and track changes and amends?

The cloud relieves much of the burden of these activities, and gives you the flexibility to respond in a leaner, prompter way, helping you to react faster to changing situations than many other larger firms.

Enjoy security and piece of mind – for yourself and your clients

Security is of paramount importance to your practice, especially with the high volume of sensitive information that passes through on a daily basis. Sure, you aim to back up your data as often as possible, but we’ve all heard horror stories of hardware disasters and failures that can wipe out a lifetime’s work in an instant, right?

Cloud services make sure that all of your information is secure and encrypted, no matter what happens on the ground. Being able to access your records from any machine, wherever you are doesn’t just provide safety, it also gives you greater reliability and a competitive edge. You can find whatever you need to tackle a query or resolve an issue, swiftly and easily.

And your clients can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing directly, too.

Take the ability to offer them encrypted services to connect and interact with you. They can rest secure in the knowledge that your billable hours are completely transparent, and that any sensitive data is treated with the utmost security, using trusted Citrix® HDXTM technologies. Using the cloud to support your practice is about more than just having the latest technology at hand, it’s about using the right tools to establish and maintain the trust of your existing clients, and win the confidence of new ones.

Do you use cloud services right now for your legal practice, or are you considering it? What challenges do you face and how do you think you’ll overcome them? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to know what you think.

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