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Are you using a customer grade file sharing service?

If so: STOP. Stop now. This is not secure enough to protect anyone’s business data – least of all the kind of sensitive information that lawyers need to keep safe on behalf of their clients.

Don’t get us wrong, you do need to share files. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that a law firm in today’s world must invest in top technology that allows them more flexibility and mobility in how they operate, with faster response times and a more agile approach to growth. That’s not in doubt.But services like Dropbox cannot guarantee the high-level encryption that your data requires, and that means you’re making yourself open to all kinds of vulnerabilities. Also, isn’t it important to know where your data is stored?  If you want to make sure that you’re fulfilling all your obligations to the highest possible standard, you should really be looking at an option like Citrix Sharefile which allows you to choose where the data resides.

The benefits of Sharefile to law firms are extensive.

You and your colleagues can access your data wherever you are, syncing files across any device, without compromising your security. You’re free to work on the move, in a client’s office, from home, in court, or anywhere else you want to be productive.

You can share files with your team, your clients or anyone else who needs to be in the loop using a secure link that’s far superior to attaching endless files to email. Plus, because you’re all looking at the very latest version of a document at all times, you avoid the stress, hassle and duplicated work of all making notes or working with conflicting version of the same file, or having to reconcile overlapping changes later on. It’s a far, far better approach for time-strapped lawyers.

In fact, by cutting out all the waste from your day, you can maximise your billable hours while giving your clients a great deal and keeping your costs totally transparent.

Of course, many of these benefits apply to any file sharing or cloud hosted file service. But Citrix Sharefile has a major advantage: it’s extremely well protected. This is enterprise-grade security, with multi-factor authentication and fortress-like layers of encryption that keep your data safe without slowing you down. When it comes to secure data transfer, it’s a serious upgrade from the Dropboxes of the world.

In today’s digital age, you can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to innovation and top-drawer technical solutions. But equally, as lawyers, you can never afford to take chances with your client data.

Hacker attacks and data breach threats are getting more sophisticated and more prolific all the time. Any weakness in your armour could open your business up to a blow that your reputation will never recover from. You have to be sure that the cloud partner you choose is up to the job.

What’s more, investing in a tool like Citrix Sharefile isn’t just a smart business decision, it’s also a compliance issue that ensures you’re always on the right side of the law when it comes to your data security obligations.

And, of course, it’s a highly compelling selling point for clients looking for a forward-thinking law firm. You’re able to demonstrate the fact that you take threats to their data extremely seriously and are doing everything you can to be safe and responsible. What better way to earn the trust of new clients, and give your existing ones an excellent reason to stay?

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