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How would you like your clients to describe you as “innovative”? How about “visionary”? Or even better: “an industry leader”?

I’m sure no one would turn down accolades like those. Especially when the modern consumer expects so much more than in the past. And when accountancy firms are faced with the prospect of dramatically upping their game to fight for a place at the table.

That’s all very well, I hear you say. But just how does one go about reinventing themselves as a visionary innovation leader?

Counter-intuitive as it sounds, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all by yourself in order to stand out in your field. Rather, the trick is to partner with the kind of tech providers that have already established themselves in their fields in these terms, and then transplant this forward-thinking into your own domain.

So what kinds of partners can do this for you?

Take Citrix.

Personally, we use Citrix Cloud and Citrix Application solutions as the foundation of our cloud services precisely because they bring so much to the table that other tech providers can’t. Last year, their XenMobile 10 product was named by Frost & Sullivan as the winner of the Global Next-Gen Enterprise Mobility Solutions Visionary Innovation Leadership Award, and they’re one of the select few cloud providers out there that is featured on Gartner’s prestigious “Magic Quadrant”.

But first things first: what makes Citrix Apps so special?

According to Gartner, their ShareFile feature for secure file sharing and transfer is among the best on the market, and their mobile workspaces offering, comprising Windows, web and mobile applications, is an excellent enterprise-grade solution.

What’s more, they score top marks for analyzing what their customers really need, and have created a compelling roadmap in place for ongoing development, including excellent partnerships with other service providers that will help ensure seamless compatibility with other systems and workflows.

Why does this matter to you? Well, because the choice of cloud platform is a chance to bring the benefits of Citrix to UK Accountants.

And it’s a chance to translate those benefits into incredible added value for your clients, too.

A comprehensive cloud solution powered at its core by Citrix Cloud technology means a leaner, more responsive, better-performing company.

It means boosting your productivity, being able to work remotely without undermining efficiency and effectiveness, without having to worry about security issues.

It means being able to respond to clients much, much faster and turn around work in less time.

It means removing bottlenecks, automating simple admin tasks, cutting costs, and strengthening your cash flow by shifting from costly infrastructure to manageable and scalable monthly subscriptions.

And it means doing all of this without having to totally overhaul your company’s work processes, or incurring weeks of downtime while you migrate your systems. Without bringing in expensive management consultants to tell you how to restructure your firm, and without hiring more people or demanding more overtime to serve your clients better.

Instead, you get you roll out all of these benefits simply by making a smart choice about who you select as your cloud provider – and who they use to run the nuts and bolts of their solution.

Put it this way: if your cloud service provider is the vehicle you trust to drive forward your business, Citrix are the guys you want making your engine. 

We know you have a lot of questions and concerns about moving to the cloud. A number of our clients are in the accounting and financial sector and have been using the London Cloud platform for years. If you would like to see if we could help your business click here to get in touch, or better yet give us a call on 0207 454 1254.