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If you’re reading this article, it seems safe to say you’re not willing to settle for “getting by”. You want to make your business better. More efficient, productive and profitable. You want your business to grow.

I’ll bet you pride yourself on top-notch client service – and appreciate the importance of the word-of-mouth recommendations that spring from this care and attention.

I’ll bet that, if you found a way to add value to your client offering that goes beyond core accountancy services and helps your customers to boost their bottom line, you’d take it.

If so, you’re in luck. Because here’s where remote working on the cloud comes in.

Mobile enterprise, the ability to be always-on from anywhere, isn’t just about giving your team remote working perks – although, done well, it’s a great way to boost engagement and reduce employee turnover.

It’s also a compelling way to make the time you spend with your clients even more valuable to them.

Nothing grates on a busy person like a pointless meeting – and yet, every week, the average professional wastes nearly four precious hours on them.

Imagine if you could eliminate these timewasting meetings for good, by making sure you’re always in prime position to drive the agenda forward?

No more scribbled lists of things to follow up with when you get back to the office; having key documents to hand means you can share information, implement feedback and make edits on the spot.

No more vague references to things you’ll have to check with the team; enhanced collaboration tools make offsite communication a breeze.

And no more back-and-forth between assistants and group emails to organise follow-ups and set timetables in motion; real time access to WIP schedules and reports keeps all stakeholders in the loop and on track for success.

By harnessing the potential of cloud technology, you can upgrade your meetings from prolonged catch-ups to high-octane strategic sessions, implementing changes on-the-fly and making efficient use of your (and your clients’) time.

In an age when customers expect their accountants to act more and more as strategic business partners, rather than simply financial service providers, taking steps like these are a must. They help to position you as in indispensable asset, raising you above the competition and enhancing your reputation in a highly competitive marketplace.

And, best of all, mobile enterprise technology allows you to add all of these client benefits while actually saving money.

This is because access via “cloud on app” technology sharply reduces downtime.

By accessing your mobile workspace on any device, you can get on with pressing tasks through remote working in the cloud, wherever you happen to be. Time typically lost while travelling to and from meetings, or even during your morning commute, is reclaimed.

This frees you up for offsite visits without reducing the billable hours in your day.

And lastly, by modelling “best practice” remote working on the cloud, you can establish a standard of excellence that gives your clients confidence in your tech-savvy, forward-thinking mindset – and can even lead to new revenue streams.

After all, accountants now beat banks as the most trusted source of advice, and if your insights can help your clients to enhance their own operations, cut down capital expenses and boost their cashflow through cloud technology, wouldn’t that create exciting opportunity for extra consulting income?

Remote working is all about making things easier and cost-effective for you, while making you an even more attractive partner for your clients. What’s not to like?

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