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Ever accidentally saved over an important document and found yourself frantically pressing the “undo” button, knowing it’s too late – you’ve already lost hours of work?

Technology might have made it possible to do our jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before, but human error still manages to cost companies billions of pounds a year, especially on the accounting front.

Meanwhile, up to 95% of all security breaches involve some sort of human error. When it comes to keeping the important stuff safe, people really are the weakest link.

So what can you do to mitigate the risk?

The best option is to fool-proof your system as best you can – without making it so unwieldy that your team is tempted to start cutting corners by slipping into using consumer grade products, undermining all your efforts in the process.

Shifting your security to an enterprise grade cloud solution, designed with accountants in mind,is a highly effective way to do this.

Backing up data to the cloud is a fast and easy way to keep on top of the problem without interrupting normal work operations.

Hosting your business (data, applications and integrations, email) in the cloud means that it’s kept safe from harm by experts in the field, without slowing down work processes.

Using ready-to-use, Citrix-powered Desktops-as-a-Service not only ensures that you can access your workspace from wherever you are without worrying about security issues, it can actually improve the user experience in the process, making use of powerful graphics and top-of-the-range interfaces that often respond even faster than your PC.

Plus, the best cloud service partners offer sophisticated document recovery solutions that allow you to access historical versions of files.

This means that, even if you do accidentally save over an all-important document, you can still retrieve older versions when you need them.

Of course, not all disasters are caused by colleagues

For many businesses, there’s always that nagging dread that threats like fire, theft or extreme weather could lead to a technology meltdown slowing down your business or worse, a wholesale data loss. And, while infrastructure can be insured and replaced, information (and damage to your reputation) is lost forever – especially if you haven’t backed up for a while, or you forget to take your backups offsite

The end of year accounting period can be stressful enough without disasters to contend with. But if you have just had a significant chunk of your physical assets destroyed by a fire, flood or earthquake, this is – to put it mildly – a very bad time to find that you haven’t backed up your intangible assets either.

While rules vary from country to country about how a tragedy during the reporting period impacts on your financial returns, one thing is clear: if you can’t access your accounting records and other documents, you’ve got a whole new nightmare ahead.

In the midst of chaos, clients appreciate a clear head more than ever – and this poses an opportunity to show how priceless a partner you are.

Backing up your data to the cloud, especially one that replicates your data to different locations, not only protects your intellectual property, but also means that it can be quickly and remotely accessed in an emergency.

And, by extension, backing up all of your client’s financial records to the cloud as part of your service sends out the message that you’re the kind of super-reliable, indispensable firm that thinks of everything. It adds value to your proposition – and might just end up saving the day, further along the road.

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