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Is your company data safer than a Hatton Garden lockbox?

Data security

It’s unfortunate that things like this happen but the reality is, there are individuals out there with bad intentions. If thieves can break into a secure facility like this, what’s to stop them from breaking into your office? The reality is that it happens on a regular basis. It happened right next door to our old offices a few years ago. Thieves climbed up scaffolding over the weekend, broke a window and took everything. Imagine opening the door to your office on Monday morning and all of your servers are gone. Or a fire, like the recent one in Holborn, destroyed your office and all of your IT. Would your business survive? Could your staff still be productive? I once heard that something like 80% of business who suffer a loss like this close their doors within 5 years. The loss of assets, data and reputation is hard to recover.

If you haven’t considered cloud for your most prized company possession, maybe now is the time!