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The task of securing your IT assets and data is increasingly complex, not least because your own systems are becoming more complicated too. Every application or piece of information that comes into your network from the outside world represents a potential hazard, a weak point that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

It is possible to plug most of these gaps, hardening your systems and educating your users so that they can’t be exploited. This is an expert job though, and getting it wrong may actually cause your systems to become even less secure. Which is why you should seriously consider outsourcing IT security to an expert like On Line Computing.

Blocking threats before they reach your company

The point where your company network connects to the Internet is your first line of defence against malware, viruses and hackers. Typically you will have some defences to manage what can, and cannot, pass through – called a firewall. Once past the firewall though, it becomes much easier for hackers to steal data.

The most effective security provisions identify and block attacks before they ever touch your firewall. Outsourced security systems use the power of the Cloud to scan all traffic passing in and out of your network remotely. Anything identified as suspicious or dangerous is immediately blocked.

This active blocking is not unlike the way your own computer handles spam. All of your incoming messages are scanned for signs that they may be unsolicited marketing messages, or contain inappropriate or dangerous content. Any email identified as suspicious is immediately shifted to “quarantine”. The process is completely transparent, automated, and because the message is not in your inbox, far less likely to be opened.

Outsourced security is very similar in operation, but it analyses all of the traffic coming into your network, not just emails.

There are several benefits to adopting outsourced security:

1. Enhanced security for your network

By blocking attacks before they can reach the edge of your network, you dramatically reduce the chances of anything malicious making it through. Your network firewall may be very good, but there is always a risk it could be compromised.

Protecting your data is an exercise in de-risking. So it makes logical sense to move security off-site to lower the risk of a security breach.

Outsourced security systems also tend to employ several safety techniques to ensure traffic is “clean” before it is allowed onto your network. These enterprise grade systems are more effective (and more costly) than the typical SME firewall, offering a far higher level of protection. You get all these benefits without the significant capital spend attached to buying them yourself.

2. Improved network performance

Scanning network traffic is resource intensive, slowing your network down in the process. Any deterioration in IT performance has a knock-on effect for the rest of your business. Your network may be secure, but productivity drops.

Where security scanning takes place outside your network, your own resources are left unburdened. All of the scanning is performed by high-end, dedicated hardware at the provider’s data centre. Which means that you should see fewer security-related bottlenecks and a boost in productivity.

3. Security systems managed by experts

Enterprise-class data security is actually essential for every business, regardless of their size. But these systems are expensive to buy, and very complicated to manage and maintain, requiring a team of experts to keep things running smoothly.

An outsourced security service is managed and run by a team of highly skilled engineers, tasked with ensuring your network traffic is being properly scanned and managed. You get all the benefits of a dedicated security team without actually having to employ anyone.

Enterprise class security without the headaches

Maximum IT security relies on using reliable technology effectively to block new and emerging threats. The most cost-effective way for businesses without a dedicated IT security team to stay secure is through an outsourced security solution that relieves them of the administrative burdens.

To learn more about outsourced security and how On Line Computing can help your business protect its data, please get in touch