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Do you still have dust-gathering physical files haunting your workspace like the ghost of offices past? Filing cabinets full of paperwork that rarely sees the light of day?

Dog-eared paper documents just piling up on top of servers in the corner?

(N.B. If you’ve answered yes to that last one, it’s probably time to relocate them to the recycle bin before they catch fire and literally send your business up in smoke.)

You probably already know that these are mostly just relics of the past, adding unnecessary clutter to your environment.

Realistically, when is the last time a client asked you to send a printed copy of a document rather than an email attachment, unless it was to sign it? And with digital signing tools becoming more and more popular, soon you won’t need to print these documents at all.

So why are you clogging up your office space with these analogue artefacts? Especially with office rents at an all-time high. Who wants to pay over the odds to house a redundant filing system, when they could use the space for new recruits or even downsize to ease the pressure on their cash flow?

With paperless offices increasingly the norm, what’s stopping your business from taking the leap into the all-digital world of the future?

That’s all very well, you might say, but I’m an accountant. My priority is serving my clients, not adopting feng shui. Does it really matter if I still hoard my files in a metal drawer?

Well, yes, actually.

As companies make their own operations more streamlined and connected, they expect their suppliers and service providers to keep up. A firm that has embraced cutting edge technology and seen how it speeds up their work practices is going to take a pretty dim view of an accounting partner that seems stuck in the ‘80s.

With clients demanding faster and faster response times and 24/7 access to their intellectual property, clinging to a system that means you have to spend 20 minutes rooting around in a drawer for a document or ask clients to wait until tomorrow morning for you to email them a spreadsheet they urgently need is just shooting yourself in the foot.

To make sure you stay at the forefront of high quality customer service, you’ll need to start embracing the potential of office cloud solutions to streamline your business practices, making you more nimble, efficient and responsive.

It’s time to explore how remote access to files and programs can help your team be more flexible in the way they work, delivering better service while making more productive use of their time.

How regular, automated cloud backups and mobile data management can be used to keep your data safe, secure and retrievable should something go wrong – adding value for your clients.

And how the cost-saving, cashflow-easing benefits of cloud computing can also translate into best practice advice for your client base, helping you generate new revenue streams from consulting income.

This might sound tough to implement, but with the right provider, it won’t be.

Working with an experienced cloud services partner that really knows their stuff means you can make a near-seamless shift to the cloud. You can move all of your documents and programs in one go into ready-built, Citrix-powered Desktop-as-a-Service solutions, giving you have an online version of your desktop that’s not only accessible from any device but also comes with a familiar-looking interface that’s fast and easy to use.

Done right, a switch to mobile office solutions won’t just bring you up to date to meet market expectations, it can provide solid business benefits that give you the edge when pitching to new clients, keeping your current ones happy, and growing your company in the years to come.

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