Referral Programme - Get Rewarded


Our Referral Programme is designed to reward individuals and organisations for introducing new clients to On Line Computing.

Whether you're a raving fan of our customer service or you simply see the potential of our technology in a friend's business, we'll reward you up to 5% of referred business. Terms apply but nothing silly.


Our Promise

  • If you refer others to us, you have our heartfelt thanks. One of the highest forms of trust in business is sending friends and colleagues along to us.
  • We know that your trust in us is hard-earned, and we pledge to take care of anyone you send our way.
  • We are happy to set up an initial meeting or phone call, but then it is up to the prospect client to further the conversation (we won't hound them endlessly!).
  • If the referral isn't a good fit for either party, we're happy to make additional recommendations that will allow them to accomplish their goals.
  • We promise to do what is in the best interests of the potential client.


Do I have to be a client to join?

Not at all; the Referral Programme is open to all.


What's the next step?

Simply send a quick email to [email protected] with the appropriate details. Your referral will be processed within 8 working hours.