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Every organisation has already invested in security, installing basic cyber tools like anti-virus and patching vulnerable operating systems. Hopefully. But this is just the beginning of your journey. A journey to bring maturity to your security.

A truly effective security program involves identifying and locating all of your information assets and putting controls in place to protect them all. A risk register and gaining recognised accreditations further demonstrates to everyone that you are taking it seriously.


Why are you on this journey?

The journey to maturity is often driven by external factors. Your customers require it before they will buy your products or services, legislation mandates it, you have been the victim of a cyber-attack or you are aware of the increased risk present today.


The journey ahead of you

As mentioned earlier, it should start with identifying and locating all of your information assets. Remember that not all information is stored digitally. Once you have identified your assets, you can now consider all of the risks. You can then align the tools that are already deployed. Cyber Essentials is an external accreditation and a first step to proving that you are serious, even if it is self-certified.

The journey can then continue as you broaden the impact of your Information Asset Risk Register, introducing new cyber tools, staff awareness training and enhanced organisational policies to govern the businesses approach to security. Cyber Essentials Plus demonstrates further commitment as you have invited an external body to audit the controls that you have in place.

ISO 27001, an internationally recognised information security certification, shows that your security governance is fully embedded in the business. At this stage the management system, policies and controls are fully ingrained, aligned to the business objectives and subjected to rigorous external audit. Your approach is fully matured and shows staff, customers and suppliers that you are serious.

At On Line Computing information security is at the very core of the services that we provide to our customers. We have given advice and guidance to hundreds of organisations, helping them to improve their information security and achieve recognisable accreditations. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or you’re ready to take on the next stage we are here to support you. Check out our case study about how we helped a global consultancy firm achieve their ISO 27001 accreditation.