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As a lawyer, your job is to give cool-headed, impartial advice. The emotional side of business – that’s not your thing. That’s not what your clients hire you for. They hire you because you’re a focussed professional and you know how to get the best possible result.

No. That’s why clients think they hire you.

In reality, it’s only part of the truth.

To most companies – to most people – legal issues are stressful. Whether it’s drawing up a contract or preparing for a court appearance, pretty much the only people who can approach the situation with total calm are going to be lawyers. Chances are, you’re so used to the process that you forget how worried your clients really are.

When people are under stressed, they become less rational. They rely more and more on their instincts, on emotional cues, to judge the situation.

The need their lawyer to do something that you probably never thought about in law school. They need you to demonstrate Emotional IQ.

… And if you don’t, you risk losing their trust.

This means that, for them to really value your input, you have to be able to move beyond the purely intellectual. You need to be good at handling your clients, not just advising them. You need to be good at recognising the intangible things they need in their legal counsel – on top of being a great lawyer in the traditional sense.

On a practical level, that means that you have to be a world class listener. You have to show that you are flexible. You have to be available. You have to be willing to do a certain amount of hand-holding to guide your clients through the process.

And you have to be able to all of this without spiralling costs.

Sound impossible?

Not with the right technology.

If you’re using cloud solutions cleverly, spending more time talking to or even meeting with clients doesn’t have to mean increasing your workload. It’s all about being more productive in the time you have.

For example, by switching to a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, you can securely access all of your files and folder from any device. That means that, rather than making notes by hand and duplicating the effort back at your desk, you can work with a client and make alterations to an important document while they are in the room. It means that you can be far more efficient – and, of course, transparent about how you’ve spent your billable hours.

Then there’s the issue of making yourself readily available.

In the past, ensuring that you were at your clients’ beck and call would have meant chaining yourself to your desk. That’s no longer the case.

Now, you can use tools like Sharefile to retrieve and send a key piece of paperwork to one client while you’re on the way to a meeting with a different client halfway across the country.

In short, you can provide a far better, more attentive level of service to your clients – and you can do it while actually streamlining your workload and making life far easier for yourself.

If you want your clients to really like working with you – if you want them to continue wanting to work with you in the long run – being a “good lawyer” is no longer enough. You need to start thinking from your client’s point of view.

You need to provide incredible, attentive, competitive service. And the cloud can help you do just that

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