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Are you as productive as you should be? If so, you’re certainly in the minority. According to a recent Workshare survey, only around one in five legal professionals manage to meet all of the productivity targets set by their profession.

So what’s dragging lawyers down? How can so many smart people be struggling to operate at full capacity? How can they all be missing a trick?Let’s break down where the problems are forming. Six in 10 say document turnaround is the biggest issue holding up project progress. Half complain that consolidating feedback takes too long. 29% are held up by comparing documents. These are followed by having others working away on the wrong version, locating relevant comments and just tracking down the version of a document you need to use.

Yes, that’s right. It’s these totally mundane, day-to-day issues that end up causing highly trained professional to slip behind.

The thing is, this isn’t the kind of problem you can simply tackle with logic and carefully considered arguments. It’s a technology problem.

It’s something you have to solve with top-of-the range cloud-based IT services, with hosted desktop solutions that free you up to work from anywhere. It’s something that comes with rolling out technologies that speed up all the small tasks that slow you down during the day – accessing your documents, checking emails on the go, sending files securely, making changes to a contract in real time instead of collaborating a mass of conflicting versions.

In fact, when 86% of all the hold-ups are to with versioning or being unable to access edit histories, the cloud really is the only holistic solution for tackling all these problems together. By hosting documents in a single location, accessible by all stakeholders, you don’t have to mess around with multiple copies, trying to establish which is the most recent version. And when the very best cloud hosting and storage solutions allow you to access previous saves, you never have to worry about overwriting, either.

These kind of interventions shave off a minute here, five minutes there – they mean your train journey or that half hour waiting for a delayed meeting aren’t wasted. And slowly, slowly, they add up to hundreds of billable hours saved by you and your team. They mean that you’re able to get more done in less time, hitting your targets without trying to work endless overtime.

Plus, with stellar mobile device management options to back you up, you can be sure to keep your data 100% safe, stored on UK servers, with access controlled by your own IT services, London or otherwise. You get the benefits of the cloud with local security and support.

And the thing is, as technophobic as many lawyers are, you probably already know that this is the direction you need to take. According to that same Workshare survey, 65% of respondents feel that more of their day-to-day processes could be automated. Half say that slow documentation turnaround causes sluggish progress on a document. Over two-thirds understand that they need a centralised workspace for sharing and collaborating on documents – one that is also accessible on mobile.

If you are like most legal providers, you’re short on time to think about whether or not cloud is right for your firm and you have questions about security, compliance and service delivery.  The reality is you need to speak with someone who can help align your business needs, concerns and vision with the best most secure technology and service available.  You already know what you need to do your job better. So isn’t it time to act?

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