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It’s the eternal problem: how do you take the professional risks, make the savvy ventures and take those leaps into unknown territory that will improve your business and ultimately reward your clients – without ever compromising on data security compliance?

And specifically, how do you make your workforce ever more mobile and flexible, freeing them up to work on the move and on their own devices, without risking a potential data breach or loss?Because it’s certainly no secret that clients increasingly expect their accountants to be always-on and available, acting as a partner to the business rather than a straightforward supplier.

And more and more, the best and most forward-thinking accountancy firms are embracing technology that allows them to work and collaborate anywhere, with seamless access to all the resources, documents and business apps that they need to complete tasks. They’re spending their time more productively than ever before at client’s offices, right at the coalface, tackling the biggest issues and making themselves indispensable.

Finding a cloud-based solution that allows you to take your business on the road and work from anywhere is one thing. How accountants protect their data security is another matter altogether.

The challenge of providing this level of uninterrupted access while maintaining the security and control you need to meet data security compliance obligations is one that’s turned many an IT professional grey before their time. But in fact, with the right cloud solution, you can actually kill two birds with one stone.

Take Citrix XenMobile, for instance. Citrix tackles the challenge of secure mobile data access by offering single-click access to its mobile, web, data centre and Windows apps right from a centralised, unified app store, and also integrates productivity-boosting apps to help you get as much done as you possibly done, with a great user experience to boot.

So that covers the first concern: how to free up accountants and teams to be more flexible, dynamic and productive. But what about the security issue?

Here’s where things get really smart. It doesn’t matter what device you use or how many you’re using, the security measures are carefully wrapped around the business data and applications that you access through Citirix XenMobile itself. That means that your IT team keeps hold of identity-based provisioning and control of apps, data and devices, and can automatically shut down this access if users are terminated from the system, or if a device needs to be selectively wiped – for example, if it gets lost or stolen.

Right down at the application level, controls at your disposal include data encryption and password authentication, secure lock and wipe, inter-app policies and micro app VPNs. Plus, to plug any security gaps left by consumer-grade apps you might have installed, Citrix XenMobile also comes with super-safe, business-grade email, browser and calendar apps of its own.

In other words, it’s a bit like carrying around an invisible team of digital security personnel in your device at all times, who get their orders from HQ and keep on keeping you safe without you ever having to think about it. All of which means that you’re free to keep growing the business, winning over clients and being the best accountant you can be, safe in the knowledge that, when it comes to security, your cloud provider has your back.

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