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What if there was a way to dramatically slash your capital expenditure and overall IT budget – and actually end up with a better technology solution in the process?

That’s the beauty of rolling out a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy at your organization.

Switching to a solution that’s based in the Cloud and supports full BYOD services means your team can access everything they need, from wherever they are, on any device. It means that your colleagues can use their own laptops and smartphones – something that the majority of people vastly prefer to work-issued devices – reducing the need for expensive equipment and cutting your costs overall.

At the same time, it frees you up to become more productive, transforming “dead time” spent commuting, travelling for work or waiting around between meetings into useful pockets of time to get stuff done.

It’s no wonder that, when it comes to BYOD, UK companies are fast embracing the trend.

But there’s a catch – and that’s security.

As an accountant, you’re no doubt acutely aware of the need to protect your clients’ data at all times. No doubt you have strict rules governing IT security in your firm. This is not something you leave to chance.

So how do you make sure that your workforce sticks to the same rules and guidelines when they are (literally) left to their own devices?

No amount of drilling in the rules or telling off your team will ever be enough to guarantee that they keep to to the letter of the law. People will, inevitably, take shortcuts or make mistakes. And your IT team can’t be everywhere, all the time. Even if they could, is that really the best use of the hours in their day? Aren’t there bigger, more strategic projects they could be focusing their energies on instead?

It’s this fear that often stops accountancy firms from embracing BYOD services. But that means losing out on the compelling benefits of BYOD to UK accountants. In a market as competitive as this, that’s far from ideal.

If you’re thinking, there must be a better way to guarantee compliance and guard against hack attacks and breaches… then, well, you’re right. There is.

It’s this:

Use a solution powered by Citrix XenMobile to securely deploy and manage your mobile devices, apps and data.

It’s as simple as that.

Why? Because the issues that arise from BYOD come when people are allowed to shift sensitive information onto personal platforms, send it via unencrypted email systems or store it in any way that is clearly not compatible with your compliance obligations.

Many people assume that this is part and parcel of BYOD – that it’s the risk you take. That’s not the case.

Facilitating access via a high-end DaaS solution means that your sensitive data is stored in a kind of fortified device-within-the-device. Your cloud-hosted workspace might be accessible from numerous devices, but because it’s centrally located and managed, it enjoys the same high-level security and encryption no matter where you access it.

What’s more, while much of the hard work in guaranteeing security is outsourced to your expert cloud provider, you don’t have to let go of the reins. Your IT team can easily and painlessly oversee this security at all times, managing access and permissions for apps and data, no matter what device is being used, where, or by whom. This cuts their workload while simultaneously empowering them to improve the strength of your data protection all the time.

What does this mean? It means your employees or colleagues have greater, easier, anywhere-access to all the corporate apps, data and email systems they need to do their jobs. It means a happier and more productive workforce and better-served clients. It means an IT team that doesn’t have to tear its hair out over security concerns. And, ultimately, it means an accountancy firm with the tools to grow, improve and compete in today’s market, without ever having to worry about a data breach.

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