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A Business Continuity Plan can significantly decrease the impact of a disruption or disaster to a business. If you already have one, great, check it off against our list here and be sure to review your plan at least annually, or if there is a significant change to your business. If you do not have one, hopefully this list will give you a good template to start from.

  1. Have a plan. First and foremost you need one before a disaster strikes. It should cover the risks of disruption to:
    • Your supply chain – What if a key supplier is no longer available or has their own business continuity issue?
    • Key technologies – What are the key technologies you use? What happens if it is not available?
    • Staff – public transport strikes, bad weather. Do they know how to work from outside the office?
    • Access to office – Can the business still operate if your office space is not available?
  2. Create a recovery team with contact information. These should be people who know the business processes and systems.
  3. Clearly document the responsibilities of each of the recovery team.
  4. Copy of BCP should be held by team members in a secure location (both printed and digital)
  5. Rehearse the plan. Schedule time for team members to review and agree the steps and their responsibilities. Let staff work from home occasionally to adjust to home working.
  6. Create a list of contact names and numbers for key clients and suppliers.
  7. Establish a secondary location for staff to work from, if necessary.
  8. Make sure ALL your data is being backed-up offsite
  9. Train employees on the plan. They should know things like what to do, where to go, how updates will be communicated
  10. Review the plan at least annually or if there is a significant change to the business. Update any information if necessary then re-print/re-publish.

If you would like to learn more about business continuity, a comprehensive information security program or discuss if your business should be looking beyond cyber security, feel free to reach out to us through one of the following methods: