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Want to find – and keep – the very best talent? To hook this digital native generation, you’re going to need to look far beyond the paycheque.

Remote working has proven benefits when it comes to employee engagement. Employees that are given a freer rein often relish the opportunity to demonstrate their autonomy, creative thinking and self-motivation.

Because they’re being judged on the quality of their work, not the hours they put in at the office, they focus on getting things done – and on performing to the highest possible standard.

And when it comes to the legal landscape, these benefits tend to be scarce – and thus even more sought after.

Today’s top law candidates aren’t swayed by the promise of a gilded cage. They’re not comparing business cards à la Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. They’re interested in meaningful benefits, like a strong work-life balance and a collaborative company culture. They’re interested in working efficiently and productively.

And they’re interested in how technology can help them achieve this.

Despite the appetite for innovation, even some of the top law firms in the world are putting themselves in a precarious position by lagging behind. By doing so, they risk losing their brightest stars to the competition.

But don’t just take it from us. Take it from the graduates themselves.

As part of its definitive guide to the best law firms to work for, the career guide Vault asks employees for the downsides of working for their firm, as well as the positives.

Want to know which complaints come up time and time again?

More than the quality of the office space, or the remuneration package, or even the content of the graduate training schemes?

It’s the technology.

Yes, you read that right – the top bugbears for the best and brightest young lawyers today are things like out-of-date computing, poor collaboration tools between departments and offices, and the frustrations of navigating “big company” culture without effective logistics.

All problems that cloud-based mobile enterprise platforms are made to solve.

24/7/365 access to cloud solutions hold powerful appeal for the ambitious, tech-savvy, forward-thinking graduates of today’s marketplace.

Put another way, they appeal to the sensibilities of the kind of graduate that you should be trying to recruit

Hosted workspaces allow you to implement popular bring-your-own-device policies that appeal to tech-minded employees, while all the time cutting capital expenditure and maintenance costs.

Remote working options mean that teams can work and collaborate from anywhere, freeing up your employees to be flexible and mobile, while allowing them to develop new technology-based professional skills.

Fast, sophisticated, cloud-based communication means switched-on employees can tap into broader corporate networks, sharing knowledge with widely dispersed colleagues, keeping well in the loop, and looking out for opportunities to learn and progress.

For up-and-coming contenders, this is especially great news.

Instead of trying to keep up with the world’s biggest firms by overspending on flashy offices in prime locations, you can focus on upgrading the way you work by switching to cloud-based mobile enterprise solutions that require minimal space or infrastructure.

In doing so, you can keep down costs while creating a competitive environment to attract the best staff.

You can hire from anywhere, without geographical restraints. You can offer impressive flexitime and homeworking benefits to employees with children. You can grow fast, responding to market demand without the need to increase floor space or hardware.

In short, you can make yourself hugely attractive to a top-end workforce while staying lean and agile, enacting savings across the business in the process.

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