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As businesses become more comfortable with using Cloud services, the rate of adoption has accelerated. As well as more traditional hosted applications – like Microsoft Office 365 – organisations have the option to outsource even more of their operating environment, including the humble desktop PC.

A hosted desktop session looks and acts just like the PC on your desk. The difference is that the whole system runs in the Cloud – and you connect to a “session” over the internet. You still need a device to connect to your hosted desktop, but you can use any compatible PC, laptop or tablet. You can even use a smartphone in an emergency.

So why would you choose a hosted desktop deployment?

Increased productivity

The key benefit any new technology should give you is a boost in productivity. Hosted desktops help your employees work smarter by ensuring they have the same applications and data available wherever they are in the world.

Consider what happens whenever it snows in the UK. Travel chaos and untreated roads will prevent your employees from making it into the office. But with hosted desktops they can connect to their “work” PC from home and carry on as normal. For every employee able to work in this way, you regain one day of productivity.

Reduced support and administration costs

The fact that their computer “follows” them wherever they go means that everything is exactly where your employees expect to find it. Hosted desktops will finally kill off the dreaded “I’ve lost my desktop icons” support calls that waste time and resources.

Creating hosted desktop sessions for your users is also incredibly easy. You can “clone” sessions, copying all of the applications, permissions and preferences with just a few mouse clicks. Which is much, much faster than installing software directly onto a traditional PC.

There is also the added advantage of outsourced support. When you choose On Line Computing as your hosted desktop provider, we also take responsibility for keeping the underlying infrastructure running. Which is one less administrative task for your team.

Less frequent upgrade cycles

The hosted desktop system runs on Cloud servers, so all of the processing is handled away from your devices. This means that as long as the device is capable of displaying the screen output, it can be used for work. It also means that you can use the newest applications on a PC that could not normally keep up with the specified resource demands, even resource hungry 3D applications.

If your business sticks with its current on-desk PC infrastructure, you will probably need to upgrade regularly. In some cases you may need to upgrade every three years. Hosted desktops can increase the period between upgrades – potentially five years or more. The longer the gap between upgrades, the greater the savings you can realise on your capital IT investment.

Boosted security

Although hosted desktops act like standard PCs, they have the added benefit of being stored in our UK based datacentres, protected by enterprise grade security systems. So the data held in your hosted sessions is extremely secure.

Outsourcing your PC infrastructure also avoids the need to open connections from your company network to the outside world. Although VPN connections have helped businesses to increase their mobility over the years, every external connection also represents a potential data risk. With everything in the Cloud, there’s no need at all to open access to employees working from home.

The OPEX computing future

Switching to hosted desktops allows your business to leverage greater computing power and reduce your IT headaches. Instead of making significant capital investments in IT hardware, you can simply rent the desktop sessions you need for your employees. So you can scale up and down in line with changing demand.

If your organisation is serious about boosting performance and future-proofing your IT, please give us a call and let us show you what hosted desktop technology can do for your business. If you like what you hear, we have demo and Proof-of-Concept options available.